Social Breakfast by Sara Milletti

We will kick off our food blogging conference the best way possible; with rich and delicious breakfast prepared by our guest blogger and Instagram star Sara Milletti. As the name states social breakfast is all about socializing and getting to know each other while enjoying variety of flavorful insta-friendly food.

Food Photography Workshop by Katharina Boden

One of the crucial part of being food blogger is of course the food photography. Katharina Boden or how we like to call her Kati is our go to girl regarding all kinds of tips and tricks to make your food speak more than 1000 delicious words on your insta-feed or blog. Katy will teach you how to choose right angles and lightning to produce high quality mouthwatering photos.

Role and Positioning of Gastronomy in Creative Economy by Hristina Mikić

Our guest lecturer Hristina Mikić will talk about role and positioning of gastronomy in creative economy providing you with every economic aspect necessary to merge offline and online gastro business.Hristina is a long-time consultant and a member of the advisory bodies of many domestic and international organizations in the field of economic development of the creative industries such as the Unesco Institute of Statistics and the Council of Europe.

Story of Glory: Delicious and Healthy by Maya

If You want to know how to turn your food blog into a successful brand then you definitely should not miss the story of glory held by Maja Brekalo - one of the best known bloggers in the region regarding healthy food creations.

Language of Food by Kolektiv Na Oko

Na Oko is a multidisciplinary collective which engages in the promotion of food culture and design. They create multi-core projects that erase boundaries between food and design as these two elements are used to create incentives for communication and new experiences. Kolektiv’s projects range from event and dinner organization, installation and product creation, interior and visual identity design, all combining themes of food.

Panel: How to survive and strive in the era of creative economy?

Gastronomy is multidisciplinary field and it’s a big part of our cultural heritage. For some of our panel participants gastronomy is about food design, art, creative thinking and writing. It’s unique language of communication and it builds our personalities and creates cities identities. Find out more from the perspective of our guest speakers.

Master class by Michelin star Chef Franco Aliberti

Special guest of first food blogging conference in Zagreb is one of the best known pastry Chefs in the world Franco Aliberti. Not only he is a star on famous italian tv RAI2 he is also proud owner of prestigious Michelin Star award for gastronomic excellence. Chef Franco worked with one of the biggest names in culinary history such as Massimo Bottura and Andrea Muccioli and now he is coming to Zagreb to teach you everything you need to know about high-end pastry cousine.